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The Artist Magazine (UK) - March 2009
PanPastel Review by James Willis

Click to Download PDF

Paint Magazine (UK) - May 2009
PanPastel Review by Sue Ford

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PanPastel® Colors Win
Best New Product Award in France – March 2008

Photo shows PanPastel Co-Creators Bernadette Ward & Ladd Forsline accepting the Best New Fine Art Product award, along with Nathalie Rozenberg from Oz International (PanPastel distributor in France), at the SMAC Trade Show in Paris on March 17th, 2008 - Click to Enlarge

Pastel Journal, Feb 2008
Pots & Pans
Review of PanPastel & Sofft by Deborah Secor - Click to Download PDF

Lehigh Valley Living Magazine– November 2007 - Click to Enlarge


The Artists’ Magazine – September 2007 - Click to Enlarge






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